Firm's Philosophy

Our range of production includes a variety  of the generally traded gemstones. We have mainly specialised on Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Amethysts, Citrines, Rhodolites and also Peridots. The offer includes not only the traditionally established cuts, but also unique creations of individual stones as well as complete and semi-three-dimensional sculptures worked from these very gemstones.

The owner himself has made it  his special task to keep up a permanent and good contact to the clients in order to be able  to carry out their personal ideas  reliably and within the set time frame. Together with a high degree of skilled expertise and  a maximum of flexibility and creativity we may thus offer a complete range  of services . According to our opinion these conditions are absolutely necessary  in order to build up  and maintain an optimal permanent business relationship with mutual advantages for both parties involved.

In the past few years we have managed to expand our offer even more for our clients, and to keep on  including more and more  attractive new creations and novelties. We did all this with a special eye to not only keeping our traditionally high standard of quality, but rather to raising this standard some more. We want to pursue this way in the future, and do our best as a reliable and cooperative partner for all jewellery manufacturers and jewellers in our and foreign countries.

Firm History

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The grandfather of current owner Wolfgang Wagner is apprenticed as gemstone cutter.


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Wolfgang Wagner’s father starts his apprenticeship as gemstone cutter, and qualifies as master cutter in 1949.


Founding of an independent gemstone-cutting firm.


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Purchase of one of the largest aquamarine crystals worth cutting ever found. It weighed 60 kilograms.


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Wolfgang Wagner decides to carry on in the family tradition and enters his father’s cutting firm as a new member of staff.


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The firm moves to a new site, new buildings are being erected. The complete machinery of the cutting workshop is also renewed. The range of production may thus be considerably expanded. Wolfgang Wagner is made the new owner of the gemstone-cutting firm.


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The firm of Wolfgang Wagner is an efficient family enterprise with generations of experience, enjoying long years of good connections to the respective occurrences of the rough gemstones. The precious stones worked on and shaped in their own cutting workshop by experts are being sold to manufacturers and jewellers all over the world.
Dreams of the future
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Wolfgang Wagner - Edelsteinschleiferei
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